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Tasting our own medicine: EBNP Coaches participate in the 6-week Ambitious Challenge :-)

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably read our blog post on our 7 core values. (Click here if you haven’t read it yet.)

1. Create a positive impact

2. Leadership through action

3. Do the right thing

4. Be humble and be a lifetime student

5. Build positive and fun relationships

6. Good isn’t enough, excellence is essential

7. Be loyal

These core values are very dear to our hearts, and while we are not perfect, we strive to incorporate them daily in everything we do. For this reason, the coaches and the CEO decided to make a friendly competition out of the 6-week Ambitious challenge. While some of us have done the program before, for our new coaches it was a great opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the program and completely put themselves in the shoes of our clients. I can’t think of a better way to create a positive impact by leading through action as a humble and lifetime student while building positive and fun relationships. 😊 Now you might wonder, what’s the competition part? Well, we mutually decided burpees are THE WORST… therefore, for each slip up during the challenge a participant would accumulate 10 burpees, which would then have to be completed at the end of the challenge.

Week 1

The challenge started great for some and not so great for others. Everyone was top motivated to get started but as we all know, life happens, and we are not always in control. So, one of us already collected their first burpees due to a work event where the food could not be substituted. The others didn’t slip up but certainly faced some challenges that our clients can sing a song about. Headaches after the first few days without sugar, wanting to reach for a snack when bored, stressed or just out of habit, workout performance not up to par, running to the bathroom more often due to increased water intake… just to name a few. But many positive effects were noticed as well, especially after the first 3-4 days passed by and our bodies were adjusting. Feeling healthy, fit, energized, and proud of resisting the temptations and breaking bad habits.

Week 2

In the 2nd week, every single one of us collected some burpees. Mostly due to some social engagements, where we opted to enjoy the moment instead of worrying about nutrition too much. It’s called guilt-free balance, and this is something we try to help our clients achieve as part of our programs. Another reason for burpee-collection was that some had a snack between meals. This could be backtracked to poor planning and/or not eating enough at mealtime. Important lesson learned.

Week 3

This week was full of eye-opening experiences such as finding out that one can be intolerant of potatoes. Not french fries. Just regular potatoes. Hmm... Who would’ve thought! I prefer sweet potatoes anyway, so it’s not really a big deal. Some of us were not happy with 16:8 intermittent fasting while others were glad breakfast could be skipped without hesitation. Daily high-carb meals were re-introduced and while half of us were super happy about that, the other half was indifferent. It became very clear that depending on your personal situation and preferences, the amount of carbs you need and want can greatly vary from person to person. One size does NOT fit all!

Week 4

After the half-way mark, pretty much everyone was kind of ready to indulge on something and in turn, racked up some more burpees. We were glad to be able to choose our own eating pattern and have some regular cheese or milk again. The vegan alternatives out there are pretty good but for some meals, you simply need the real thing. That’s just my opinion though. :-D

Week 5

Week 5 rolled around, and motivation rolled away ;-) At this point we’re kind of divided. Some are super motivated to finish strong and some are somewhat over it. Not because it's tough, but because they are just going through the motions. Interestingly enough, this shows how the nutrition guidelines of the program became “the new normal” and are not challenging anymore. Which is kind of the point! So while it may feel like it’s getting boring, it’s right on target.

Week 6

In the last week, everyone pushed through to the end and enjoyed some celebratory wine, beer, chocolate, cake, or chips. And of course, completed their burpees! Not going to name any names but the burpee count was as follows at the end of the 6 weeks: 460, 160, 360, 160, 90 Good work team!


Overall, it was a great experience! On one hand, putting ourselves in our clients' shoes brought so much clarity, and on the other hand, not only did we find out if certain foods cause a negative reaction or which eating pattern works best for us, we also learned how strong we are in resisting temptation when we set our minds to it and that slipping up is not failure, it’s just proof that we are trying. The goal is better, not perfect. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed!

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Alexandra Vollmeier

Head Nutrition Coach

Eat better, not perfect

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