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About Eat better, not perfect

Our mission is to be the most impactful life-quality improvement movement out there.


We work hard to achieve this by:

  • Providing the best possible customer service

  • Having a close and truly committed team dedicated to helping you win

  • Inspiring and supporting people to live better and healthier lives

  • Offering nutrition coaching at the core, supplemented by other forms of coaching (physical, mental, ...)

  • Continuing to improve and explore new ways to help you achieve your goals

That's why all of the Eat better, not perfect coaches are certified nutrition coaches with hands-on experience while being supported by our coreteam to deliver the best possible results.

Our Eat better, not perfect core values

  • Create a positive impact

  • Leadership through action

  • Do the right thing

  • Be humble and a lifetime student

  • Build positive and fun relationships

  • Good isn't enough, excellence is essential

  • Be loyal​. To the client, our team & yourself

If you would like to know more about what these values mean, see this blogpost or reach out to us at

Get to know your Eat better, not perfect team

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