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Frequently Asked Questions

I have scheduled events/holidays/trips during the program, will I still be able to join?

Yes, in fact, in life there will never be a perfect time to start. The program is designed in a way to cater for such events. Together with your coach, you will find practical ways to benefit as much as possible from the program without having to give up on any social activities.

What expertise do your coaches have?

All of our coaches have experience in working with clients and are certified nutrition coaches. Many of our coaches hold a Precision Nutrition certification, others have similar credentials. Next to that, all of our coaches are fully supported by the full team to make sure you receive the best coaching possible.

I have a food addiction, will that be resolved as part of the program?

We definitely look into the "addictive" behaviors and work on understanding and changing them. For this, a good collaboration between you and your coach is important. Many of our clients have dealt with such addictions and for most of them, this has been greatly improved.

This is not to be confused with eating disorders, in which case we would refer out to a specialist.

Why are the amount of starting slots limited?

Real coaches are at the core of the “Eat better, not perfect” approach. In order to provide the best service and collaboration, we limit the number of people our coaches work with at the same time. While the availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis, we will make sure that there is never too long of a wait before you can start your program.

Is “Eat better, not perfect” a diet?

No, “Eat better, not perfect” is a sustainable approach where you will discover what ways of eating works for your unique situation in the long term. We will be taking into account aspects such as food choices, eating habits, and fitting in your social life, which you can keep on doing for the rest of your life. The goal is not to be a restrictive way of eating for quick results, only to lose all progress made shortly after. But rather to establish long-lasting habits that lead to a permanently healthy lifestyle.

What happens after the program ends?

Many people have learned enough during the program to be able to continue their journey without heavy support from our side, this is also our goal, to make people self-sustainable. Depending on follow-up goals, we do offer continuous coaching and regular catch-up calls.

What if I am not looking for weight loss?

While weight optimization is a major outcome sought by many of our happy customers, the more important benefits are vastly improved health, sleep, and self-confidence. Some have used the program to healthily gain weight too.

How do you assign the coaches?

Coaches are assigned depending on your specific goal, situation, and location, and also on availability. While all of our coaches are certified and experienced coaching people, we want to make sure your coach can relate to your situation in order to help you the most.

Will I only be working with my coach?

While your coach is your main interaction point throughout the program, our customer care team is checking in regularly with you to make sure everything is going well. Your coach will also be supported by the entire “Eat better, not perfect” team in the background, to make sure you get the best support possible.

I have lifestyle-related health issues such as diabetes type 2, am I still able to join the program?

Absolutely. For many health issues, improving the way we eat will positively impact our situation. Depending on the health issue, we will ask for close collaboration with your medical professional, which we will discuss as part of the onboarding process.

Will I still have access to the recipe library once my program is finished?

You will have lifetime access to our recipe library, including new recipes and future updates. 

What if I don’t get results even though I am sticking with the program?

Should it be the case that you are following the program and the coach's advice, and we don’t see any progress after the first 6 weeks, we will refund you your investment + an additional 10%.

Is physical exercise part of the program? If yes, what type of exercises are going to be recommended?

The core focus will be on nutrition and nutrition habits. Nevertheless, physical and mental fitness is an important part of your overall wellbeing, hence we will give some basic recommendations for both physical and mental fitness. We are, however, not going to provide custom-tailored follow-along training programs. For that purpose, we can recommend one of our partners.

Do I have to have time and be able to cook to be able to participate in your programs?

No. A lot of people are too busy to cook all of the time but thanks to increasingly available healthy take-out and delivery options, this does not have to disrupt your healthy lifestyle. However, it is helpful to keep an open mind and maybe try something new. Who knows, maybe you will even discover a talent you didn't know you had.

Are your programs suitable for athletes, who have to maintain a certain performance level?

Yes. Our programs can be adapted to fit your specific situation and goals. We are fortunate to have many coaches on our team, who are or were athletes themselves and/or have previous experience in working with athletes.

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