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Not sure what to choose?

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Every program includes:

  • Your real, personal and certified nutrition coach by your side through WhatsApp

  • A time-tested nutrition program with personalization from your coach

  • Access to the Eat better, not perfect platform with weekly guidelines and progress tracking

  • Access to our large (and growing) recipe library

Which program is right for you?


6-week program

The Ambitious challenge starts with an elimination & low carb phase. After 10 days, carbs are slowly introduced again, followed by other food items. We experiment with intermittent fasting periods and stay away from junk food and alcohol completely for 5-6 weeks.

After 6 weeks, you have eliminated some unfavorable habits and gained the knowledge and skills to continue your eating better, not perfect journey sustainably, in a way that fits your lifestyle.

12-week program

In the Steady program, we eliminate junk snacks and alcohol right away and gradually decrease consumption of other junk foods, dairy, fruit, and carbs over time. Half-way through the program, there will be an elimination and low carb period. Then, we will slowly re-introduce certain food items again over the course of the 2nd half of the program and experiment with intermittent fasting.

After 12 weeks, you have eliminated some unfavorable habits, found your perfect balance, and gained the knowledge and skills to continue your eating better, not perfect journey sustainably in accordance with your lifestyle.

Continuous program

The Foundation program is moving completely at your own pace. There is no fixed structure that has to be followed but instead is entirely customized to your needs and goals. In monthly building blocks, different habits are worked on in line with your specific goals. Habits could be portion control, hunger recognition, different eating patterns, eliminating sugar, etc. These habits are agreed on by you and your coach.

Typically, this program lasts between 6-12 months and has a maintenance option afterwards. The program ends, whenever you feel ready to continue your Eat better, not perfect journey sustainably without the support of a coach.

No matter what you choose, we've got your back!

Real people, real results

The +500 clients who joined one of our programs lost an average of 5kg over the course of the first 6 weeks. But we are convinced that being healthy and happy is much more than just a number on your scale.

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